Celebrating Erasmus+ days 2022

Celebrating #Erasmus+ days 2022, 13th of October, 2022 our Dream team – Marya Nesterova, Diana Spulber, Darya Suprun, Andriy Zamozhskyy conducted the c International round table “Societal Challenges of EU Intercultural Dialogue”. Thanks a lot for the wisdom and inspiration to keynote speakers Profesor Agostino Portera (Head of the Centre of Intercultural Studies, University of Verona, Italy), Oksana Holovko-Havrysheva Head of Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence Western Ukrainian Research Center for European Studies and media guru of our SCAES dream team – amazing moderator and organizer of the conference Andrii Chuzhykov More than 100 participants, mutual dialogue between social-cultural educators, practitioners, students and civil society members.

Відеозапис доступний за посиланнями

Part 1
Part 2